We’re glad your interested in joining a small group with Hillcrest Church.

Meeting together with other Christians to grow in the Lord is an essential practice of the Christian faith. Hillcrest Church is currently launching groups for the Fall of 2020, and due to COVID-19 limitations meeting with a smaller groups of other believers is more important than ever. We offer two types of small groups for your consideration:

Grow Groups:

Grow Groups are made up of approximately 6-16 people. While they usually meet in homes of people in the church for fellowship, study, and prayer Grow groups are meeting via videoconferencing due to state COVID-19 guidelines. Each group usually chooses it’s own study, though this fall we will be studying the same book of the Bible as our sermon series. Grow groups are the building block of our church, and give us the opportunity to love, care, and encourage each other as the Bible teaches us.

Spiritual Friends:

Spiritual Friends groups are made up of 3-5 people that come together to grow in their Christian discipleship. These same-gendered groups share their spiritual lives together, asking questions like “How is your life with God?” of each other each week. Those in spiritual friends groups seek to intentionally grow in their identity as a disciple of Jesus. Due to their small size, Spiritual friends groups have the option of meeting in person under Phase 2 of Washington State Safe Start plan should all the members of the group desire to do so. 

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