April 2021 Update

Join us for Church Outside!

We are excited to announce the resumption regular in-person live worship services. Beginning this Sunday, 4/18, we will begin meeting each week outside in our front parking lot. There are two options for attending: you can pull up a chair (bring your own or we will have some available) or you can attend in your car. Our online church service will be shifting to be a live stream of the in-person service, still at 10:30. Please consider arriving early so we can begin promptly at 10:30.


Why are we gathering outside?


1. It allows us to meet in-person with fellowship, preaching, and music.

          While online church has been a necessity, and it will continue to have a place going forward, we believe that the gathering of people in person is the fullest and most beneficial gathering of the church. The scriptures command us to “not give up meeting together,” and while this does not supersede the great commandments or the fundamental value of protecting life, worshipping God with others is fundamental to life of the believer.

2. It is the safest option.

          National, State, and County health authorities continue to urge us not to meet indoors in medium or large groups. Outside gatherings are much safer than being in an enclosed space for significant periods of time.

3. We want as many as possible to be included.

          While we recognize some who desire it have received the COVID-19 vaccine, not everyone has finished their immunity period or been granted access to their first shot. We want to create the possibility for the most people to feel comfortable returning to in-person gatherings, whether it is sitting outside or staying in their cars. We believe choosing to make room for those not yet comfortable meeting indoors honors the gospel and the teachings of Jesus.

4. We want to be a blessing to our community.

          Skagit county is very close to needing to move back from Phase 3 to Phase 2. This would have a painful and negative impact on restaurants, recreational activities, and other businesses. As Christians, we will sacrifice our comfort to do what we can to bless our local community. This means choosing to intentionally gather in ways that minimize the risk of community transmission.