COVID-19 Update

Due to the health risks involved in meeting indoors during the pandemic, Hillcrest Church is not currently meeting in person. While Skagit County is in Phase 2 of the WA State re-opening plan, Hillcrest Church has decided it that our facility will remain closed. Worship services are being broadcast online via our webpage , Youtube, and Facebook. Our Family Ministries have also moved online. We are also meeting in small groups online, as well as our "spiritual friends" groups. We are also hosting a Drive-In Service on Sept. 13th.

We are grateful for our partnership in ministry with many groups in Skagit County. Most of our Recovery Group partners are meeting via video-conference. The same is true for Ministerios Llamada Finale congregation.

Indoor church services have proven time and time again to have the potential to be super-spreader events. We believe protecting our church body and our community by fasting from public gathering is an expression of Christ's command to "love one another." Our church recognizes the essential nature of gathering for Christian worship, and continue to meet together through creative and safe ways. We look forward to resuming in person services and partnerships when we can provide a reasonably safe environment.